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Benefits of our PowerPlus Power-Train Warranty

Our PowerPlus Warranties were developed to provide an additional level of coverage for consumers who desire to own a more personalized vehicle containing trend setting style and/or performance. The automotive aftermarket industry has always led the way in terms of greater styling enhancements, meeting lifestyle needs, and heightened vehicle driving dynamics. Many of the OEM standard and optional features included in today’s vehicles, where first offered through the automotive aftermarket industry. Some of the best known examples are Alloy Wheels, GPS and High-End Audio Systems, Performance Tires, and most recent a 2” Leveling Kit offered on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

If you are considering the purchase of a new vehicle with added aftermarket accessory upgrades in your local market, we recommend you do business with a dealership where the vehicle power-train will have additional coverage through our supplemental PowerPlus Power-train Warranty.

The MOST Comprehensive Supplemental Limited Power-Train Warranty Available

  • Warranty TermOE Matching 5 year, 60,000 mile or 5 year, 100,000 mile.
  • Power-Train CoverageOnly PowerPlus warranties cover all major power-train components the day you take delivery of your new custom vehicle. Engine, Transmission (automatic and manual), Transfer Case, Drive Lines, and Front & Rear Axles. Please see specific warranty documentation for details and exclusions.

    Note: You may be told some suspension lift and super charger companies offer a complete comprehensive power-train warranty, they do not. We urge you to do your own research and read their fine print.
  • Types of Upgrades
    • PowerPlus - Lifted, Leveled, and Lowered truck and jeep packages, containing larger wheel and tire packages, as well as performance car packages.
    • PowerPlus Performance – Same as above with addition of Modest Engine Performance, High-Flow Intake Systems, Cat-Back Exhaust Upgrades, and CARB Approved Tuners (Engine Tuning)
    • PowerPlus HP – Same as above with addition of Forced Induction, CARB Approved Super Chargers and Turbo Chargers

    Protect your Vehicle Investment

    Today many Original Equipment Manufacturers will scrutinize any modification made to a vehicle outside its original design and build content, during the warranty period.

    In the event a factory original equipment part fails, due to the installation of an aftermarket accessory/part, the OEM may deny warranty coverage, potentially costing you the consumer $1,000s. In this scenario, when a PowerPlus Warranty is provided as part of an aftermarket upgrade package it will provide you peace of mind coverage, saving you your hard-earned dollars.

    Only PowerPlus Warranties provide the widest range of coverage, that accommodate varying levels of aftermarket packages.

    Enhanced Warranty Coverage That Fits Your Lifestyle!

    Claims Dept Toll Free: 844-463-1618

    To obtain coverage you must follow these steps:

    Preapproval – Prior to any repairs being made you must obtain preapproval. Have your dealership service advisor or repair facility contact our claims department at 844-463-1618 to obtain a preauthorization code. Once a covered warranty repair has been authorized, work can begin using OEM parts.

    That’s right your vehicle will be repaired using original factory parts and cover all related dealership labor charges. Once a covered repair is completed to your satisfaction, PowerPlus will pay the Dealership/Repair Facility directly.

    NOTE: All covered claims require preapproval prior to any work being performed, failure to do so may result in denial of claim.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I purchase a PowerPlus Warranty myself or through my new vehicle dealership?

    Sorry but the answer is NO, PowerPlus Warranties are provided with specific vehicle packages built by authorized Restyle Companies and Up-Fitters, which are then sold through Authorized Franchised New Vehicle Dealers.

    Where can I get my vehicle repaired under the PowerPlus Warranty program?

    Any vehicle covered under a PowerPlus Warranty may be taken to, and repaired at an Authorized Franchised OE Dealership, or ASE Certified Repair Facility within the Continental US, Hawaii, or Alaska.

    How Do I get a Warranty Repair Covered?

    First have your service adviser or repair facility manager contact PowerPlus at 844-463-1618 to obtain a preauthorization code. Once a warranty repair has been authorized, work can begin using OEM parts. That’s right, your vehicle will be repaired using original factory parts. Once the repair is complete PowerPlus will pay the Dealership/Repair Facility directly.

    With PowerPlus there is no need for you to pay and then wait to be reimbursed. When you take possession of your vehicle, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the repair was done right and all paid for. This is why we recommend you only purchase a custom vehicle covered by the PowerPlus Warranty Program!

    How can I tell if a custom vehicle I am purchasing or considering purchasing from a dealership has a POWERPlus Warranty?

    Any custom vehicle that is covered by our warranty program should have this sticker affixed to a
    window. In addition, the dealership will have possession of the actual warranty form assigned to that
    vehicle, which you will receive at time of purchase.

    Additional Questions?  Please contact us at or 844-IDA-0568