Innovative Dealer Alliance

Innovative Dealer Alliance is fast becoming the leader in providing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between retail consumers, new vehicle dealers, and the automotive aftermarket accessory industry. With a management team possessing over 25 years of experience in both the new vehicle retail sales environment and the automotive aftermarket, our vast experience lends us a strong understanding of the wants and needs of the consumer for vehicle personalization, as well as the high expectations regarding quality and service provided through the new vehicle dealer.

Our industry leading solutions, such as our comprehensive PowerPlus supplemental power-train warranty program, ensure consumers have access to trend setting aftermarket personalization products, and custom vehicle packages. While providing peace of mind ownership that mirrors the original equipment manufacturers power-train warranty term and mileage.

New vehicles today are packed with state-of-the-art technology that provides an unmatched driving experience. Of course, these new features come at a cost to the consumer, which have driven up overall vehicle prices substantially this past decade. As the demand for ever increasing vehicle technology converges with a greater desire for unique personalization; the need for solutions that protect the consumer and new vehicle dealer has never been greater.

If you are a consumer looking to purchase a new vehicle that has a custom vehicle package consisting of aftermarket accessories and wish to ensure the factory power-train components have comprehensive warranty coverage. We urge you to learn more about our PowerPlus supplemental warranty program provided through select OE franchised new vehicle dealers. To learn more please visit our Consumer Section

If you are an Up-Fitter/Restyler or OE franchised new vehicle dealer, we welcome your inquiry on how to
become an authorized PowerPlus Warranty provider by visiting our Enquire Section